Premiering a JMK Life Film

Whether it’s a feature-length Hollywood-sized production with special effects or an intimate portrait of a couple on their wedding anniversary, every one of our movies reflects a lot of hard work, heart, and creativity. This all makes premiere night a very special event!


I was new at JMK Life Films when I had the privilege of screening one of our movies for a Bat Mitzvah. This particular movie was a documentary style portrait of our client: a spunky, opinionated teenage girl who maybe wasn’t 100% sure she wanted to be in a movie.


Nevertheless, she cooperated and started to enjoy the process. We interviewed her friends and family, wove in pictures & home video, and added graphics and movie clips. The result was a true portrait of this lovely young lady’s life filled with humor and touching moments.


In true Hollywood fashion, this party was at Sony Studios (complete with a personalized marquee) and screened at a theater on the lot. The projectionist, a seasoned old-timer, ran a test run of the movie before the audience arrived. He enjoyed it so much that he ran it again! I began to suspect we had a hit on our hands.


Soon, a few hundred guests arrived, settled into their seats, and the lights were dimmed. The audience laughed in all of the right spots and their applause was thunderous. It was thrilling to watch this movie with our client, her friends, and family. Our Life Film brought more joy and laughter to an already celebratory occasion. Our client’s parents had given her the most generous of gifts. This movie will be a lasting document of who she was as a young girl, and I can only imagine how much fun it will be for her to share this with her own children.

HQ Creative Office Shoot

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to capture the beauty of this new space, completely re-designed by HQ Creative Office.  They converted this old warehouse into a striking and unique work environment, incorporating a designer kitchen, a chic bar, a large projection screen with an interior grandstand, as well huge office spaces flooded with natural light.


I was quite inspired by this structure to shoot still photographs as Jason and the crew were shooting the video.  Photography has become one of my passions in life.  In our many travels, my wife and I utilize our artistic backgrounds to capture the wonders of the world with our cameras.  Throughout Europe, I have taken photos of everything from cathedrals, monuments and squares to the countryside, vistas, mountains and lakes.  Of those, my architectural photos are some of my favorites.  Clearly, this project was right in my wheelhouse and an enjoyable challenge.  Jason let me loose to hunt out the best angles for shots in the video.  And some of my stills motivated what they ultimately captured.  This kind of collaboration, with a keen attention to detail, raised the project to an even higher level.  This is what we aim for on every JMK Corporate video.


See more of the shoot and more stills of this impressively designed space…


Over the years, we’ve become big fans of greenscreen backgrounds. They provide us with a great tool to make our stories more creative, entertaining, and cinematic.


Briefly, greenscreen refers to filming (or photographing) a subject in front of a green background. In editing, we take out the green background and replace it with another background (e.g. a picture of New York or footage from a sporting event). Our greenscreen work varies from simple sheet backgrounds for interviews to complex greenscreen soundstages for action sequences. Check out some pictures from our shoots and some completed greenscreen scenes




At JMK Life Films, we know that the execution of the concept is crucial to making a great video. That is, a really good idea and a really good script don’t automatically translate into a really good film. Special effects make-up is one of those areas that can make or break a concept. While producing a Wizard of Oz spoof for a Los Angeles family, we felt that good make-up was essential to the success of the video. In these photos, one of our favorite make-up artists, Lina Hang ( performs her magic. Clients love the process, too. At what other time in your life would you and your family members do something like this?! Making a JMK Life Film is a unique experience. And we want the filmmaking journey to be just as fun and memorable as the final product.


(On a side note, the wicked witch was supposed to have a green face, as in the movie. But that day, someone astutely noticed that shooting a witch with a green face in front of a green screen would be a big mistake: her face would disappear in editing. )


“Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.” – Mel Brooks


Yes. I agree. There’s a lot that goes into making a joke work in a film. Not only do you need to start with a funny idea, but then you need to write it well, act it well, shoot it well, edit it well, then pray that no one’s cell phone goes off during the screening. So when an audience laughs, it’s a great accomplishment!


During my adolescent years, there were a handful of comedies that I watched over and over again: Airplane, Under the Rainbow, The Naked Gun, The Three Amigos, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. That’s just a sampling. Through osmosis, I definitely received an education in comedy. And through reading and film school and discussions and more movie-watching and trial and error (lots of trials and lots of errors), I started to understand what I can do to increase my chances for a laugh. It’s a subtle thing, and the slightest change in timing or expression or music can make or break the joke. But the challenge of comedy is one of my favorite parts of telling a story, and at JMK Life Films, we want to bring out those comedic moments in your film.