At JMK Life Films, we know that the execution of the concept is crucial to making a great video. That is, a really good idea and a really good script don’t automatically translate into a really good film. Special effects make-up is one of those areas that can make or break a concept. While producing a Wizard of Oz spoof for a Los Angeles family, we felt that good make-up was essential to the success of the video. In these photos, one of our favorite make-up artists, Lina Hang ( performs her magic. Clients love the process, too. At what other time in your life would you and your family members do something like this?! Making a JMK Life Film is a unique experience. And we want the filmmaking journey to be just as fun and memorable as the final product.


(On a side note, the wicked witch was supposed to have a green face, as in the movie. But that day, someone astutely noticed that shooting a witch with a green face in front of a green screen would be a big mistake: her face would disappear in editing. )

Jason Kachel

Jason Kachel grew up in West Palm Beach, Florida. In 1997, he received his BA in psychology from Brown University. In 2002, he graduated from USC’s School of Cinema-Television with a Masters in Fine Arts.

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